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Prison Sentence Reduction

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Apply for Florida Sentence Reduction

Persons in Florida may apply for clemency to have their sentence reduced.   The Governor’s Office will review an application to reduce a prison sentence in Florida. Applicants for Commutation of Sentence must submit a “Request for Review” instead of a “Request for Waiver.”

Under the new laws in Florida for sentence reduction, a person must complete at least one-third of their sentence before applying for a sentence reduction.

Florida Mandatory Minimum Sentence

Under Florida law a person may also reduce a mandatory minimum sentence.  If serving a minimum mandatory sentence, one-half of their sentence, before being eligible to apply.

Reduction of Fines in State of Florida

In Florida a person may apply to reduce a fine or monetary penalty. A person may not apply for a remission of fines and forfeitures unless he or she has completed all sentences imposed and all conditions of supervision have expired or been completed, including, but not limited to, parole, probation, community control, control release, and conditional release.

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